Transportation Assistance Needed for Attorney with Cancer

In November, Margherita, a Baton Rouge attorney, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer (she is a non-smoker) which has spread into her bones. She was forced into retirement and is experiencing some tough financial and emotional times. 
She is very interested in various programs for which she has been accepted with Cancer Services. They offer therapy, yoga, support groups, etc.  The problem is she is unable to drive.  She requests transportation assistance in any form (gift cards for Uber or Lyft or rides given by volunteers) to participate in some of these activities. As of now, she is not able to leave the house much, if at all.

Prior to being diagnosed with stage four cancer, Margherita spent a lifetime helping and advocating for elderly, sick and disabled as a public interest disability lawyer. She devoted her life to the most honorable aspects of our profession. Now is the time for us to help Margherita.

If you can help Margherita, please directly contact Sarah at :