Please see the following guidance regarding how we are managing cases in Division B.

Rules/Motions - If you are the mover and your hearing is not an emergency or time-sensitive, please use our online scheduling tool to select another date agreeable to both attorneys. In the alternative, you may send an email to Ms. Neff with your opponent copied, selecting a date agreeable to both sides. If your opponent is an SRL and the SRL was served, we can issue a court notice for cases set before 4/13.

The following are available rule dates:

  • April 28
  • May 5, 12, 19, and 26
  • June 9 and 16

Divorce, SRL, CS and other court dates are available on the court’s on-line calendar. If a new date can’t be worked out, I’m happy to offer a pre-court telephone conference with attorneys to discuss the case or a continuance.

Electronic Divorce Hearings - We can handle any 102 divorces and some 103 divorces remotely. We can handle 103 divorces if you can arrange for your witnesses to testify from your office or other remote location. Please just contact our Staff Attorney and let her know that you’d like to proceed and we will give you a date and time.

Non- Emergency or Non-Time Sensitive Cases - If you think a rule can be handled with one or two total witnesses and arranged remotely between attorneys, we are also open to accommodating your case. Please contact us by email with your opponent included on the email to discuss the case and arrangement.

Emergency or Time Sensitive Cases - If your case is an emergency or time sensitive setting, please do not come to court or send your client or witnesses to court. Please contact our office by email with your opponent included. Please send the email to the JA, Staff Attorney and Court Reporter. We will review your case and schedule a date and time for a status or hearing using video conference technology. We may advise you to engage Court Call. At this point, we are only handling cases electronically.

Status Conferences- Attorney pairs may also contact me directly on my cell phone or via an email to our staff to request a time and date for a status conference on any case I may help you resolve.

Trials - If your trial is scheduled in the next three weeks and not time-sensitive, please email Ms. Neff to select a new date.

Lastly, if you are ill or may have been exposed to the COVID - 19 virus, please do not come to the courthouse. We are happy to work with you remotely. We can also handle any cases needing a virtual “walk-through” over the phone.

Please let me know of any issues or concerns.

Judge Lisa Woodruff-White
The Family Court
300 North Blvd, Suite 4101
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
(225) 389-7657