Message from Josef Ventulan, the ABA-YLD Disaster Liaison for Louisiana:

As Hurricane Ida has tremendously affected so many of our communities, the legal profession must now respond and provide legal aid to disaster survivors. Please see attached flyers for sharing with the public. The information contained therein includes helpful checklists and guides to various resources. It is imperative we help spread this information to facilitate aid. 

Further, we will very soon need volunteer attorneys to assist in recovery efforts. Volunteer attorneys will help ensure callers to the ABA/YLD hotline are guided to the most appropriate service (SLLS, Acadiana Legal Services, The Pro Bono Project, etc.) or provided brief legal advice for their legal issue. Substantive law trainings and resources are available through and provide pertinent information pertaining to disasters. These resources include the LSBA Emergency/Disaster Training Manual for Volunteer attorneys, a FEMA claims and appeals training, an eviction training, as well as a small successions training. If you are not already registered with, please consider doing so to access these trainings.

Legal Disaster Resources:

  1. LSBA Disaster Response website-
  2. for Louisiana specific substantive law trainings related to disasters
  3. National Disaster Legal Aid Advocacy Center site-

Please email the name, phone number, and email address of attorneys wishing to volunteer directly to

Fact Sheet The Difference between FEMA Tarps and USACE Blue Roofs

Disaster Survivor Application Checklist

Disaster Assistance Flyer- English

Disaster Assistance Flyer- Spanish