Heidi Howat Thompson

 Paul M. Hebert Law Center


Areas of practice:

Appellate Practice. I have taught objective and persuasive legal writing and analysis, including appellate advocacy, at the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center since 1997. I also have five years of experience as an appellate research attorney with the Louisiana First and Second Circuit Courts of Appeal. Additionally, I practiced in the insurance defense and family law fields for a couple of years.

How have you been involved with the BRBA?

I have been involved with the BRBA since 1994. I used to serve on the Ball Maul Committee. Recently, I have been on the Holiday Star Committee.

Best thing about being a lawyer:

The best thing about being a lawyer is having the ability to see multiple sides of the same issue. Of course, that adversely affects my ability to make quick decisions, especially decisions on matters that appear mundane to my husband and children.

Bet you didn't know:

I recently became a soccer referee. I highly recommend it to any "soccer parent" who complains about the quality of the soccer officiating. Once you take the course and ref a few games, you will learn that you did not really know the rules; you will also learn how hard (impossible) it is to get every call right. This will enable you to enjoy watching the games because you won't be so critical of the officiating.

Currently reading:

Currently, I am reading appellate briefs drafted by my 1L law students on the issue of an employer's vicarious liability for Louisiana Civil Code art. 2315.4 punitive damages, which damages were incurred when an employee drove while intoxicated and caused an accident.


J.D. / Paul M. Hebert Law Center 1993
B.S. / Accounting, LSU 1990
Academy of the Holy Angels, New Orleans


Husband:  David Thompson, market president for Red River Bank; Children:  Dylan, Delaney, Danna and Darby Thompson

Where did you grow up?

Chalmette, Louisiana (Where Y'at dawlin?).

What was the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney? 

Early in high school, I planned to be an attorney because I loved to argue. Later in high school, I took an accounting class, which caused me to pursue an accounting degree. I interned as an internal auditor before my senior year at LSU and realized that no one likes internal auditors (except other internal auditors). Apparently oblivious to the many lawyer jokes indicating that no one likes attorneys either, I recalled my earlier plans to become a lawyer, took the LSAT, applied to law school and chose LSU.

Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

I am most proud of snagging David with delusions that I would cook great food often, I would play pool well and I would be an attorney at a big high-paying law firm. On our first date, which was a blind date, I cooked crawfish etouffee and ran the pool table at the original Uncle Earl's. This was at a time when he knew I had accepted a clerkship at a prestigious law firm in Houston. Not liking the Houston large law firm scene, I instead set my sights on settling in Baton Rouge and eventually ended up educating future lawyers. I do cook, but it's not often of the etouffee variety, and I have never been able to run a pool table again. But seriously, I am most proud of my husband and the four children that we created. They bring me the greatest joy in life.

What makes you excited about going to work?

I am most excited by the opportunity to teach my students how to effectively analyze the law and facts, and then share (in written and verbal form) their analysis with others. Also, I get excited about our annual charity tackle football game, which includes pregame and halftime performances by the law school cheerleaders.

Favorite place in Baton Rouge:

Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night during a home football game.

Favorite food: 

Boiled crawfish or my husband's chicken fried steak.

Community involvement: 

I am mostly active in St. Aloysius Parish Church and School. I enjoy chaperoning an annual mission trip to Vacherie, Louisiana, each July. As indicated earlier, I recently became a soccer referee. I have also volunteered as a field marshal at local soccer tournaments.

What was your first job? 

My first job as a law clerk was with Shows, Cohn and Cali. Prior to starting law school, I was a runner for Rubin, Curry, Colvin and Joseph. My first job as a youth was babysitting and working for my dad's small busines as an office assistant.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I am not sure that I would change many things. I would still want to "teach," but I would want to travel more with my husband, especially to away LSU games with the Peltier and DeBosier crew. And I would find time to take my youngest back to Disney (when the lines wouldn't be so long) now that she is tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters.

What one thing drives you crazy?

I go crazy when I see periods and commas placed OUTSIDE of closing quotation marks. They ALWAYS go inside the closing quotation marks.

If you would like to contact Heidi, her email address is:  Heidi.Thompson@law.lsu.edu

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