Cornelius T. Hall New Member Spotlight 

BRBA: Where are you from?

CTH: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

BRBA: Where did you receive your education? 

CTH: I received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, a Juris Doctorate from the Southern University Law Center and a Master of Public Administration from Louisiana State University.

BRBA: What made you want to become an attorney?

CTH: Since my childhood and adolescent years, I have known this is what I was meant to do and be. My heart and mind were always focused on becoming like those attorneys I read and was taught about growing up. What I could not imagine was the journey it would take for me to achieve this goal. While I considered other career paths over the years, the desire to become a practicing litigation attorney never left me; in fact, it only grew and became stronger over time. The law has always been my first love, and I appreciate how, when it works, it is a positive influence and creates a positive change in the lives of both the community and the individual.


BRBA: What is one thing you wish you would have known before you went to law school?

CTH: How to better balance working a full-time job while going to school in both the evenings and nights. I knew, or felt I knew, the levels of effort, time, work and sacrifice it would take to be an evening division law student. However, I quickly discovered that my assumptions regarding these levels were not totally accurate. My first year of law school was not only spent in becoming a well-adjusted law student (in both knowledge and time management) but also developing and amending my work, school and study schedules, along with responding to the challenges that came with my law school experiences.


BRBA: If you didn’t practice law what would be your profession?

CTH: I currently serve as a Policy Analyst/Compliance Monitor for the Office of Community Development (Division of Administration). I have always possessed an interest in and love of history, political science, and public administration. If not law, and if the opportunity presented itself, I would choose to teach history, political studies, or public administration at the college level.


BRBA: What motivated you to join the BRBA?

CTH: Being a newly admitted attorney, I desire the opportunity to engage with and learn from seasoned attorneys and members of the legal community. There are skills I desire to develop and hone regarding what it means to truly be both the best attorney I can be and an asset to the legal profession. The BRBA provides me these lessons and experiences. Additionally, the BRBA affords me the opportunity to participate in both its legal and community outreach programs


BRBA: How are you involved at the BRBA?

CTH: I currently serve as a 2021 Belly-Up with the Bar Committee Member and continue to participate in the CLE opportunities provided me as a BRBA member.


BRBA: Are you involved with any other organizations or causes?

CTH: First year member of the Louis A Martinet Legal Society of Greater Baton Rouge; Louisiana Bar Foundation; American Inns of Court.


BRBA: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

CTH: Reading (History, Political and Constitutional History, Mystery Novels and Sci-Fiction), Boxing, Running, Cooking, and watching either PBS/LPB documentaries or an anticipated movie.


BRBA: Is there anything else you would like to add?

CTH: I am appreciative and grateful for those persons who helped me attain my goal to become an attorney, and am humbled by their examples as lawyers and role models. They have provided and continue to provide me guidance along my journey. My ultimate career goals are to become a litigation attorney, and to be granted an opportunity to become an adjunct professor of law. Although I did not follow the traditional path of a law student, I have always had these goals and dreams. Now with the opportunity granted me as a member of the Bar, I am closer to realizing them.