April Broussard

 Brouillette Law Firm, APLC



I have one daughter that is 8 years old.  I also am very close with my extended family, most of which live in Lafayette, LA.

Culinary talent:

At office and family functions, I am repeatedly asked to bring my Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake!  If you like chocolate, it's amazing!

Memorable vacation:

I spent "Mardi Gras in the Mountains" this year with my mother, sister and daughter in Breckenridge, Colorado.  It was the first time my daughter had seen snow!  She caught on to snow skiing so quickly that it was difficult to keep up with her on the slopes!

How do you begin your workday?

I begin every day with a cup or two of Community Coffee...no substitutions!

The part of my job I do best is:

It is essential to set up reasonable expectations with every client at the beginning of representation.  It makes anything that comes thereafter easier to handle.

Most rewarding moment in your practice:

Receiving thank you notes from appreciative clients always makes my day!  Also, having former clients refer their family and friends to me is the best compliment I can receive .

Suggestions for law school students:

I encountered quite a few fellow students in law school who enrolled because one of their family members wanted or expected them to be a lawyer...even though they had no desire to be an attorney.  My advice to every law student would be to make sure you are in law school because YOU want to be there.  You only have one life.  Don't waste it on attempting to meet the expectations of others.

Favorite saying or quote:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Lao Tzu

Community involvement:

Women's Ministry at my church

First job:

I was a part-time runner/secretary at a law firm during undergrad.

Favorite or most interesting course in law school:

My favorite course was Clinical Legal Education.  The hands-on experience assisting clients was something I will always remember.

What is an item on your "bucket list"?

I can't wait to take an Alaskan cruise!


If you would like to contact April, her email address is:  april@brlegalhelp.com.

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