Chief Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown
Section G Courtroom C227/ Chambers C205
(504) 589-7505

Law Clerk (career): Jennifer Papa
Law Clerk (odd cases): Jacob Leon
Law Clerk (even cases): Frank Orlich
Case Manager: Shaveka Joshua
Case Administrator: Jennifer Shouest

Judge Jay C. Zainey
Section A
Courtroom C467/ Chambers C455
(504) 589-7590

Judicial Assistant: Pamela Angelette
Law Clerk (odd cases): Jeffrey Suprenant 
Law Clerk (even cases): Pam Turgeau Starns
Case Manager: James Crull
Case Administrator: Ariana Newman

Judge Ivan L.R. Lemelle
Section B
Courtroom C501/ Chambers C525
(504) 589-7555

Judicial Assistant: Flay Sambrone-Metoyer
Law Clerk (odd cases): Alec Andrade
Law Clerk (even cases): Whitney Antoine
Case Manager: Kimberly County
Case Administrator: Jennifer Schouest

Judge Wendy B. Vitter
Section D
Courtroom C352/ Chambers C368
(504) 589-7570

Judicial Assistant: Marie Firmin
Law Clerk (odd cases): Derbigny Daroca
Law Clerk (even cases): Frannie Montegut
Case Manager: Melissa Verdun
Case Administrator: Javier Gutierrez

Judge Susie Morgan
Section E
Courtroom C316/ Chambers C322
(504) 589-7535

Judicial Assistant: Tina Flores
Law Clerk (odd cases): Alex Van Dyke
Law Clerk (even cases): Abigail Bush
Case Manager: Brad Newell
Case Administrator: Shannon Shedd

Judge Martin L.C. Feldman
Section F
Courtroom C551/ Chambers C555
(504) 589-7550

Judicial Assistant: Donna Wisecarver
Law Clerk (odd cases): Jordan Redmon
Law Clerk (even cases): Annie Miller
Case Manager: Cherie Strouder
Case Administrator: Sherry Adams

Judge Jane Triche Milazzo
Section H
Courtroom C224/ Chambers C206
(504) 589-7585

Judicial Assistant: Jenny Rudolph
Law Clerk (odd cases): Emmy Schroeter
Law Clerk (even cases): Leila Abu-Orf
Law Clerk: Samantha Schott
Case Manager: Erin Mouledous
Case Administrator: Angelle Martin 

Judge Lance M. Africk
Section I
Courtroom C427/ Chambers C405
(504) 589-7605

Judicial Assistant: Hope Taormina
Law Clerk (odd cases): Isabelle Sun
Law Clerk (even cases): Meredith Havekost
Case Manager: Bridget Gregory
Case Administrator: Morgan Palmer

Judge Carl J. Barbier

Section J
Courtroom C268/ Chambers C256
(504) 589-7525

Judicial Assistant: Hope McDonald
Law Clerk (MDL): Ben Allums
Law Clerk (odd cases): Perry Graham
Law Clerk (even cases): Max Roberts
Case Manager: Gail Chauvin
Case Administrator: Cheyenne Green

Judge Eldon E. Fallon
Section L
Courtroom C468/ Chambers C456
(504) 589-7545

Judicial Assistant: Toni Leard
Law Clerk (odd cases): Anais Moore-Jaccard
Law Clerk (even cases): Urjita Sudula
Case Manager: Dean Oser
Case Administrator: Javier Gutierrez 

Judge Barry W. Ashe
Section M
Courtroom C351/ Chambers C367
(504) 589-7560

Judicial Assistant: Gretchen Heldner
Law Clerk (even cases): Megan Dupuy
Law Clerk (odd cases): Victoria Granda
Case Manager: Cherie Charles
Case Administrator: Sherry Adams

Judge Sarah S. Vance 
Section R
Courtroom C279/ Chambers C255
(504) 589-7595

Judicial Assistant: Traci H. Munster
Law Clerk (odd cases): William Schmidt
Law Clerk (even cases): Nicholas Sullentrop
Case Manager: Jay Susslin
Case Administrator: Melanie Mullen

Judge Mary Ann Vial Lemmon 
Section S
Courtroom C414/ Chambers C406
(504) 589-7565

Judicial Assistant: Robin Frieze
Law Clerk: Genevieve Dessommes
Case Manager/Administrator: Shannon Shedd

Judge Greg G. Guidry
Section T
Courtroom C552 / Chambers C556
(504) 589-7515

Judicial Assistant: Wendy McCrossen
Law Clerks: T. Jeffrey Gregoire & Rachal Cassagne
Case Manager: Dedra Pongracz 
Case Administrator: Melanie Mullen


Judge Janis van Meerveld
Division 1
Courtroom B309/ Chambers B345
(504) 589-7620
Judicial Assistant: Lisa Wallace
Law Clerk: Margot Want
Case Manager: Ariana Newman

Judge Donna Phillips Currault
Division 2
Courtroom B421/ Chambers B409
(504) 589-7630
Judicial Assistant: Wanda Dorsey
Law Clerk: Catherine Schroeder
Case Manager: Sherry Adams

Judge Dana M. Douglas
Division 3
Courtroom B305/ Chambers B335
(504) 589-7575
Judicial Assistant: Kelly Brousett-Desmond
Law Clerk: Jason Johanson
Case Manager: Cheyenne Green

Judge Karen Wells Roby
Division 4
Courtroom B431/ Chambers B437
(504) 589-7615
Judicial Assistant: Crystal Lee
Law Clerk: Destinee Andrews
Case Manger: Morgan Palmer

Judge Michael B. North

Division 5
Courtroom B407/Chambers B419 
(504) 589-7610
Judicial Assistant: Blanca Doll
Law Clerk: Barry L. Yager
Case Manager: Dena White

United States District Court - Eastern District of Louisiana 

500 Poydras St. 
New Orleans, LA 70130

Carol L. Michel
(504) 589-7650