Chief Judge Donald R. Johnson
Division B, Section 24
Courtroom 8B
(225) 389-4734 - Suite 8401

Judicial Assistant: Ashley Rankins 
Law Clerk: Vacant
Court Reporter: Susan Lee

Judge Kelly Balfour - Deputy Chief (Civil)
Division I, Sections 23 & 29
Courtroom 10B
(225) 389-4765 - Suite 10401
Judicial Assistant: Candy Lilly
Law Clerk
: Blair Lockwood
Court Reporter: Paula Garrison

Judge Ronald Johnson
Division L, Section 21
Courtroom 10A
(225) 389-5012 - Suite 10101
Judicial Assistant: RonDricka Jackson
Staff Attorney: Vacant
Court Reporter: Vacant

Judge Beau Higginbotham
Division C, Section 22
Courtroom 6D
(225) 389-4706 - Suite 6301
Judicial Assistant: Donna Boucvalt
Law Clerk: Amanda Webb
Court Reporter
: Amber Clark

Judge Wilson Fields
Division O, Section 25
Courtroom 7A 
(225) 389-8741 - Suite 7101
Judicial Assistant: Karolyn Williams
Law Clerk: Maya Kleinpeter
Court Reporter: Kim Ford

Judge Richard “Chip” Moore
Division N, Section 26
Courtroom 9D
(225) 389-4787- Suite 9301
Judicial Assistant: Kathy Spangler
Law Clerk: Shannon Hultberg
Court Reporter
: Pansy Allen

Judge Tiffany Foxworth-Roberts
Division M, Section 27, 28 & 31
Courtroom 7B
(225) 389-4737 - Suite 7401
Judicial Assistant: Martisa Henderson
Law Clerk: Lasalle Christoff 
Court Reporter
: Shonda Jones

Judge Tarvald Anthony Smith
Division A, Section 30
Courtroom 9A
(225) 389-4711 - Suite 9101
Judicial Assistant: Miracle Williams
Law Clerk
: Jody Emonet
Minute Clerk: Rosalind Bradley
Court Reporter: Dana Henry

Judge William Jorden
Division D, Section 32
Courtroom 10C
(225) 389-8820 - Suite 10201
Judicial Assistant: Marchion Barnardez
Law Clerk
: Vacant
Court Reporter: Kimberle Cobb

Hillar Moore, III
222 St. Louis St.
5th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-3400


Judge William Jorden - Deputy Chief of Criminal
Division D, Section 6
Courtroom 10C
(225) 389-8820 - Suite 10201
Judicial Assistant: Marchion Barnardez
Law Clerk: Vacant
Court Reporters: Kimberle Cobb

Judge Fred T. Crifasi
Division H, Section 1
Courtroom 8C
(225) 389-4722 - Suite 8201

Judicial Assistant: Linda Brumfield
Law Clerk: Daniel P. Murray
Court Reporter: Rene Cranford 

Judge Gail Horne Ray
Division G, Section 2
Courtroom 7B
(225) 389-4731 - Ste 6201
Judicial Assistant: Wanda Simms
Law Clerk: Cornelius Troy Hall
Court Reporters: Vacant

Judge Bradley Myers
Division E, Section 3
Courtroom 10A

(225) 389-4714 - Ste 10101
Judicial Assistant: Melanie Ashford
Law Clerk: Jamie Messina
Court Reporter: Terri McClelland

Judge Eboni Johnson Rose
Division K, Section 4
Courtroom 9B
(225) 389-4755 - Suite 9401
Judicial Assistant: Cathy Royal
Law Clerk: Mikaela Picou
Minute Clerk: Alicia Dumas
Court Reporter: Charlotte Webre

Judge Tarvald Anthony Smith
Division A, Section 5
Courtroom 9A
(225) 389-4711 - Suite 9101
Judicial Assistant: Trinitria Carey
Law Clerk: Tiffany Scott
Court Reporters: Dana Henry

Judge Louise Hines
Division F, Section 7
Courtroom 6B
(225) 389-4706 - Suite 6401
Judicial Assistant: Edna Brown
Law Clerk: Aaron Miller
Court Reporters: Teresa Tassistro

Judge Lou Daniel, Pro Tem
Division J, Section 8
Courtroom 8D
(225) 389-4717 - Suite 8301
Judicial Assistant: Aria Vaughn
Law Clerk: Qadraex White
Court Reporter: Vacant


Commissioner Kinasiyumki “Kina” Kimble
Courtroom 2A 
(225) 389-2562 - Suite 2201

Judicial Assistant: Garanique Steward
Law Clerk: Brittany Dunn
Court Reporter: Christina Grisaffe

Commissioner Nicole Robinson
Courtroom 2B 
(225) 389-4720 - Suite 2102

Judicial Assistant: Brenda Saik
Law Clerk: Isabel Loret
Court Reporter: Christina Grisaffe

19th Judicial District Court
300 North Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 389-4700

Judicial Administrator's Office: 
Phone: 389-4744    Fax: 389-4774    
Judicial Administrator: Diana Gibbens
Assistant Judicial Administrator - Court Operations: Charise Patterson
Finance Director: Kim M. Ford


Bail Bonds
Phone: 398-4763 | Fax: 389-4856
Office/Rm. #3401
Coordinator: Gerard Guidry, Phone: 389-4763 | Fax: 389-4856
Deputy Gail Bond Coordinator: Alyssa Terry

Civil Duty Court Office
Phone: 389-4935 | Fax: 389-4783
Civil Duty Court Coordinator: Susan Bienville
Administrative Secretary: Kaci Delmore 

Courtroom Security (First Floor)
Phone: 389-5202

Recovery Court
Phone: 389-2550 | Fax: 389-2551
Presiding Judge: Judge William Jorden
Deputy Presiding Judge: Judge Kelly Balfour
Coordinator: Cheryl Wyatt
District Attorney: Larry McAlpine
Public Defender: Fred Kroneke
Probation Officers: Melia Oliver & Eugene Davis
Case Manager: Wanda Alsobrook
Treatment Director: Ilisha Lucas
Administrative Assistant: Kenyetta Francis
Community Supervision: Sergeant Belford Johnson
Community Advisor: Reverend Alexis Anderson
Treatment Provider: Capital Area Human Services District

Drug Lab: 3rd Floor, Suite 3501
Phone: 389-2596 | Fax: 225-389-3947
Drug Lab Coordinator: Carroll Benedetto

Information Services
Phone: 389-5268 | Suite#3701-3702
IS Director: Kevin Bolds, Office/Rm. #3701

Traffic Department
Phone: 389-4761 | Fax: 389-4606
Courtroom2A / Suite 2601
Coordinator: Genevieve Robichaux
Note: The 19th Judicial District Traffic Department handles tickets issued by four law enforcement agencies: East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office, Louisiana State Police, LSU Police, and Southern University Police. To better serve the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish, you can now pay your fine online for the following agencies: East Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff's office, Louisiana State Police, and LSU Police.

Hillar Moore, III
222 St. Louis St.
5th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802