Chief Judge Wilson Fields
Division O, Section 25
Courtroom 7A 
(225) 389-8741 - Suite 7101
Judicial Assistant: Karolyn Williams
Law Clerk: Vacant
Court Reporter: Kim Ford

Judge Donald R. Johnson
Division B, Section 24
Courtroom 8B
(225) 389-4734 - Suite 8401

Judicial Assistant: Ashley Rankins 
Law Clerk: Jawhay King
Court Reporter: Susan Lee

Judge Ronald Johnson
Division L, Section 21
Courtroom 10A
(225) 389-5012 - Suite 10101
Judicial Assistant: Rondricka Jackson
Staff Attorney: Wren'nel Gibson
Court Reporter: Lexie Corkern

Judge Timothy Kelley
Division F Section 22
Courtroom 10D
(225) 389-4728 - Suite 10301
Judicial Assistant: Paula Dennis
Law Clerk: John Pearce
Court Reporter
: Melissa David

Judge Richard “Chip” Moore
Division N, Section 26
Courtroom 9D
(225) 389-4787- Suite 9301
Judicial Assistant: Kathy Spangler
Law Clerk: Shannon Hultberg
Court Reporter
: Danielle Ray

Judge William Morvant
Division E, Section 23
Courtroom 8A
(225) 389-4714 - Suite 8101
Judicial Assistant: Terry Shaffett
Law Clerk: Jamie Messina 
Court Reporter
: Pansy Allen

Judge Trudy M. White
Division J, Sections 27 & 28
Courtroom 8D
(225) 389-4717 - Suite 8301
Judicial Assistant: Lori Swain
Law Clerk
: ReAzalia Allen
Court Reporter: Shonda Jones


Commissioner Kinasiyumki “Kina” Kimble
Courtroom 2A 
(225) 389-2562 - Suite 2201

Judicial Assistant: Trinitria Carey
Law Clerk: Jessica Hawkins
Court Reporter: Diane Didier

Commissioner Nicole Robinson
Courtroom 2B 
(225) 389-4720 - Suite 2102

Judicial Assistant: Brenda Saik
Law Clerk: Isabel Loret
Court Reporter: Christina Grisaffe


Hillar Moore, III
222 St. Louis St.
5th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-3400


Judge Kelly Balfour
Division I, Section 3
Courtroom 10B
(225) 389-4765 - Suite 10401
Judicial Assistant: Candy Lilly
Law Clerk: Blair Lockwood 
Minute Clerk: Rachel Hurst 
Court Reporters: Paula Garrison

Judge Fred T. Crifasi
Division H, Section 1
Courtroom 8C
(225) 389-4722 - Suite 8201

Judicial Assistant: Linda Brumfield
Law Clerk: Angelle Bercegeay
Minute Clerk: Keana Bechet
Court Reporter: Rene Cranford 

Judge Christopher Dassau
Division G, Section 2
Courtroom 7B
(225) 389-4731 - Ste 7401
Judicial Assistant: Edna Brown
Law Clerk: Vacant
Minute Clerk: Shantelle Hodges
Court Reporters: Amber Clark

Judge Tiffany Foxworth-Roberts
Division M, Section 8
Courtroom 6C

(225) 389-4737 - Ste 6201
Judicial Assistant: Alysha Terry
Law Clerk: Angela Jackson
Minute Clerk: Sundie Dominic
Court Reporters: Marsha Cazes & Kimberle Cobb

Judge Beau Higginbotham
Division C, Section 7
Courtroom 6B
(225) 389-4706 - Suite 6401
Judicial Assistant: Donna Boucvalt
Law Clerk: Mary Pollet
Minute Clerk: Jennifer McVea
Court Reporters: Theresa Nossek 

Judge Eboni Johnson Rose
Division K, Section 4
Courtroom 9B
(225) 389-4755 - Suite 9401
Judicial Assistant: Denise Moran
Law Clerk: Michaela G. Louis
Minute Clerk: Alicia Dumas
Court Reporter: Charlotte Webre

Judge William Jorden
Division D, Section 6
Courtroom 10C
(225) 389–8820 - Suite 10201
Judicial Assistant: Marchion Barnardez
Law Clerk: Allison J. Sabine
Minute Clerk:Alicia Dumas
Court Reporter: Andrea Davis 

Judge Tarvald Anthony Smith
Division A, Section 5
Courtroom 9A
(225) 389-4711 - Suite 9101
Judicial Assistant: Miracle Williams
Law Clerk: Jody Emonet
Minute Clerk: Rosalind Bradley
Court Reporters: Dana Henry

19th Judicial District Court
300 North Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 389-4700

Court Operations Coordinator
Sharon Ducote, Phone: 389-2569, Office/Rm.#3608

Bail Bond     
Phone: 389-4763   Fax: 389-4856
Coordinator: Frank Howze, Phone: 389-4763, fax: 389-4856, Office/Rm.#3401
Deputy Bail Bond Coordinator: Gerard Guidry
Bail Bond Interviewers:  Delana Honeycutt, Amanda Tillman and Lindsey Antoline

Building Superintendent
3rd floor
Mike Whatley   Phone: 436-0350

Civil Allotment Clerk

Megan Viola   Phone: 389-3982

Duty Court Clerk
Phone:  389-4935     Fax:  389-4783
Assistant Civil Duty Court:  Susan Bienville 
Administrative Secretary:  Rose Christian
Law Clerk:  Virginia Nichols

Courtroom Security - First Floor   Phone: 389-5202

Drug Court Team:   
Phone: 924-0600   Fax: 924-9094 
Judge: Donald R. Johnson
Coordinator: Cheryl Wyatt
District Attorney: Larry McAlpine
Public Defender: Fred Kroneke
Probation Officers: Christine Reed & Hannah Mimmick
Case Manager: Sarah Moore
Treatment Director: Quintin Gustin
Treatment Counselors: Patrice Butler, Paulette Jones, Lisa Pickett & Kuirsten Ventress 
Test Collectors: Nina Myers & Willie McGloster
Administrative Assistant: Nina Myers

Drug Lab: 3rd Floor, Suite 3501                
Phone: 389-2596   Fax: 225-389-3947

Drug Lab Coordinator: Carroll Benedetto

Information Desk - 1st Floor
Receptionist: Linda Brumfield

Information Services [formerly MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS]    
Phone: 389-5268    Suite# 3701-3702
IS Director: Kevin Bolds, Office/Rm.#3701
Information Services Analyst:  Quentin Major
Information Services Analyst:  Johnny Bruner
Administrative Asst/Computer Tech:  J. T. Lombard

Judicial Administrator's Office: 
Phone: 389-4744    Fax: 389-4774    
Office/Rm.#3601* (Sign says 3602*)
Judicial Administrator: Charles Toney, Jr., J.D.
Human Resource Director: Jennifer L. Flowers

Jury Management:  - Suite# J101
Phone: 389-4778    Fax: 389-8869    
Coordinator: Mona Collins, Phone: Ext. 1104
Jury Clerk: Alysha Terry
Jury Clerk:  Heather McKinnis
Jury Clerk:  Demetria Davis

Relief Personnel:
Kendra Ruth     Phone:  389-1399    Office/Rm. #3610
Dana Henry      Office/Rm. #10103
Elaine Veillon    Phone:  389-1398
Charise Patterson     Phone:  389-4240    Office/Rm. #6D/2601

Traffic Section      
Phone: 389-4761    Fax: 389-4606    
Courtroom 2A / Suite 2601
Coordinator: Genevieve Robichaux, Office/Rm.#2601
Traffic Clerk:  Sundie Dominic
Traffic Clerk: Tara Landry
Traffic Clerk: Lakeisha Pryer
Traffic Clerk: Cathy Royal
Traffic Clerk: Jennifer Thomas
Student worker:  Heather Bean
Note: To check traffic court dates, call 389-3425 (D.A.'s office)