Event Details

Since its inception, Belly Up with the Bar has served as the BRBF’s biggest and most popular fundraiser. The funds raised during the event support the BRBF’s nationally recognized Youth Education Programs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to announce that Belly Up is going virtual! Although different, the event will be just as fun and, more importantly, will raise the money necessary to support the BRBF’s Youth Education Programs. 

Round 1

This year’s event will be a two-round competition. The first round will be virtual. For this round of the competition, each team will create an entrée and cocktail. The teams will then submit photos and/or videos of their entrée and cocktail, along with a creative name for each entry, a detailed recipe and ingredient list to the BRBA by Friday, October 16. The following week, this round will be voted on based on the creativity and virtual presentation of their entrée and cocktail. Each vote will cost $5, so teams will need to encourage their friends, family and colleagues to vote in order to advance to the final showdown. The top 4 teams will advance. 

Final Showdown

The final round will be an in-person competition between the four teams that received the highest combined votes in the first round of the competition. During this round, which will be live-streamed, the four finalists will face off at the BRBA office on Friday, November 6, 2020. Just like the normal Belly Up event, each team will cook an entrée and create a cocktail to be judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Judging will be based on creativity, presentation and taste.

For more information on Belly Up 2020 or sponsorship opportunities, contact Donna Buuck at donna@brba.org or call 225-214-5556.