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 Katie Dampier Chabert (4/24/2017) 

 Katie Dampier Chabert

 Bienvenu Bonnecaze


Areas of Practice:

Toxic Tort Defense, Gaming Law and General Litigation.

Favorite BRBA project or event:

Holiday Star.

Favorite place in Baton Rouge:

My backyard.


I've been married to Scotty Chabert for almost nine years. I have a 4-year-old twins named Jack and Cecile, and a 3-year-old named Annie.

Culinary talent:

I'm a terrible cook, but I love to bake. Prior to having kids, I had a little baking business with a friend on the side of my law practice. Even though we don't operate the business anymore, I still bake all my kids' birthday cakes!

If I had more time, I would:

This is a tough one. I feel like there is never enough time for all of the things. I think first I would clean and organize my house. I would also like to volunteer for a few more organizations that I think are wonderful. And then, if I'm being honest, I would like more sleep!!

Board/Committees I serve on:

I am a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. This year I am the production chair of the League's Touch-A-Truck event. I'm also on the Associate Board of City Year.

Person I would like to have lunch with:

Scotty Chabert! Between work and kids, we never get to have an uninterrupted meal.

Best advice you have received:

"Always be the bigger person." This is so important in the practice of law where it can be cutthroat at times, but it is even more important in life. I try so hard to abide by this wisdom -- some times are easier than others.

What I miss about law school:

This is a no-brainer. I miss my friends from law school so much! LSU's Class of 2006 was by far the best class. All of us were so close and many of us still keep in touch. We had the most fun.

How do you begin your workday?

Usually by wrangling three sleepy kids into clothes they have decided they don't like and then by putting my makeup on in the car. That's real life!

What was your first job?

When I was 16, my parents let me get two jobs. I taught gymnastics at a gym in West Monroe, Louisiana, and worked as a sales associate at The Limited Too in Pecanland Mall.

If you would like to contact Katie, her email address is

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