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 Keith Patrick Richards (10/9/2014) 

  Keith Patrick Richards
Attorney at Law

Areas of practice:

I primarily represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

Mentor / hero:

My mentor in law was Ed Walters and while he could qualify as a hero too, that would be weird since we are friends. My hero is writer Anne Lamott.

Favorite BRBA project or event:

Belly Up with the Bar. I love to eat. Lots.

The part of my job I do best is:

Painting a symbolic picture of my client's case, which, if successful, portrays the unique nature of this claim by this person. I loathe the stereotyping of my clients and the computer analysis of their claims. 

What most people don't know about me:

I am an insane music fan, voracious reader, art enthusiast and dedicated runner.


I am lucky enough to be the father of the best 11 year old in the whole wide world.

Latest pursuit:

Chick Moore and I put together the Lawyers Renew concept, which we debuted here and now I am working with colleagues in New Orleans on a renewal ceremony in my hometown.

Pet peeve:

Contempt prior to investigation.

Best thing about being a lawyer:

Helping people accomplish what they could not on their own.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

My ego says Adam Duritz because he is the best bona fide rock star and being a rock star has to be awesome, but I would probably accomplish more of my agenda as the American president.

Culinary Talent:

Crawfish etouffee. I'm Cajun, so it's legit. Also my meatballs. I am not Italian, but I was taught by one, so they are legit as well.

Moutains or Beach?

Neither. I love the hustle/bustle and the unexpected serenity found in a big city.

What was a turning point that made you decide to become an attorney?

I do not have a wonderful story about an insight or dramatic life event that led me to law; however, I feel very fortunate that my practice has evolved over time from a job to a vocation.

Favorite restaurant:

The Chimes. BBQ Shrimp po-boy and wonderfully loud ambiance.

If I had more time, I would:

Write more than I do, listen to more music, see more art and possibly even run more.

Favorite or most interesting courses in law school:

Torts. How a society decides to allocate the undeniable costs of an accident was interesting to me even in my first semester of law school.

Most rewarding moment in your practice:

When a client sincerely expresses appreciation for my representation.

What makes you most proud of being a lawyer?

Perhaps our much maligned profession does not maintain life like medicine can, but we have the power to improve the quality of life.

Should you wish to contact Keith with any questions, feel free to email him at:

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