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 Robert Savage (4/25/2016) 

 Robert Savage

 EBR District Attorney's Office


Areas of practice:

I work for Hillar Moore, District Attorney for the 19th Judicial District. I prosecute felony cases, including violent crimes, drug offenses, sex crimes and financial crimes.

Tell us about your BRBA experience:

I joined BRBA as soon as I was sworn in as a lawyer. At first I was very active with the Pro Bono Committee. I also participated in events hosted by the Young Lawyers Section, including Wills for Heroes and the Holiday Star Project. I now serve on the committee for Belly Up with the Bar, and I am the current chairman for Law Day 2016.

Tell me about your role as chair of the Law Day Committee:

Law Day was declared a holiday by President Eisenhower, and it has been celebrated across the country ever since. Our goal is to promote the role of the law in our communities and to cultivate a better understanding of the legal profession. As the chairman this year, I am working with the commmittee to organize the Law Day program, which is scheduled for May 2. Our theme is Miranda:  More than Words. We have several events planned, including a naturalization ceremony, courtroom sessions led by lawyers and judges, and a mock vote with real voting machines. Students are also encouraged to participate in an essay contest, a poster contest and a video contest. We will select the winners and award prizes to the students with the best entries.

How did you first get involved with Law Day and what have you learned from it?

I made a New Year's resolution a couple of years ago to get more involved with the bar association. I reached out to the bar office and joined the committee. Attorneys went out of their way to teach me what they did when I was a student. It occurred to me that it is my turn now to do the same thing. We are all better off if everyone understands what the justice system is and what it is not. Law Day gives our kids a chance to do just that. They will have a chance to learn more about our laws and civic responsibilities through a well-respected program.

Favorite law professor:

Cheney Joseph was one of my favorite professors. He went above and beyone to help me transition from law school into a career in criminal justice. I was saddened by his recent death.

What motivated you to become a lawyer?

I was very involved with the Boy Scouts growing up. Through a scouting program I met an attorney who let me shadow him. He took me to court and introduced me to several of his colleagues. I was struck  by the gravity of the issues they were handling. A few years later I was working in Lafayette for a non-profit. We were focused on a project to reduce crime in the Hispanic community. We organized an effort to get the police to meet with disaffected citizens. The event itself was a success, but I quickly realized I could not do more unless I know more about the way the system worked. I enrolled in law school not long after that experience.

What are your passions?

I am a voracious reader. I am always trying to learn something new or cracking open a new book. I have a lifelong passion for learning that has only gotten stronger the past few years. I also have a passion for service.

Favorite activities outside of the law:

I am not very good at it, but I love playing golf. I also like to travel. For the most part, I enjoy spending time with my two boys and playing the guitar.


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