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 William "Bill" Kirtland (8/23/2016) 

 William "Bill" Kirtland

 Boles Law Firm - Baton Rouge, LLC

The BRBA Fall Expo & Conference will be held Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, at L'Auberge Casino & Hotel  Baton Rouge. The Expo is an annual tradeshow and themed event held in conjunction with the Association's September Bar Luncheon. Members are invited to attend the event, which includes a formal luncheon with a guest speaker and several legal educational seminars.


Tell me about your role as chair of the BRBA Law Expo Committee:

Every fall the Baton Rouge Bar Association holds its Fall Expo & Conference. The committee is responsible for organizing the event. This includes recruiting the presenters and attracting vendors and attendees. We meet throughout the year to plan the event and coordinate our efforts.

Why did you accept the role?

This is my third year on the committee. During that time, I've been fortunate to be a part of two great Law Expos and to have learned what it takes to organize the event. I accepted the role because I want to contribute to the Law Expo's continued success.

What do you hope to accomplish as chair of the Law Expo Committee?

Our goal is to put on an event that brings together people from across the legal community and is entertaining and informative. Over the years, the Law Expo has increased in popularity. By striving to improve and refine it, we hope to continue that momentum. It's particularly important that the event is successful as all the proceeds benefit the BRBA.

Why did you choose to become part of the BRBA?

The area in which I practice tends to be small and specialized. I often work with the same attorneys time and again. This has given me the chance to build wonderful friendships and camaraderie. However, it can also be somewhat isolating as there are not many new faces. The BRBA provides a great opportunity to meet and interact with attorneys from various fields.

What field of law do you practice in and what drew you to that?

Our firm practices primarily regulatory law. I specialize in transportation, public utilities, gaming, pilotage, taxation and corporate law. It was an opportunity that presented itself and has proven a good fit.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Often clients come to us because they have a goal but need assistance accomplishing it. There may be an obstacle or they may need guidance charting a path forward. Helping them achieve their goals is by far the most rewarding part of my job.

Where did you receive your education?

I received an undergraduate degree from LSU, a J.D. from Southern University Law Center and an LLM in Tax Law from UCLA School of Law.

Where are you from?

I'm from Baton Rouge. After law school I moved to Los Angeles where I got a master's degree and took the bar. I ended up staying just long enough to realize that it wasn't home.

Are you involved with any outside organizations?

Yes, I'm also a member of the Energy Bar Association and LSBA Public Utility Section.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of practicing law?

It's probably a toss-up between LSU Football and turkey hunting. Reading and spending time on a sailboat I keep in the New Orleans marina are a close third and fourth.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Never lose your credibility, you can't get it back. My aunt, a long-time attorney, shared that with me when I began practicing. It is especially true in a field where you have a lot of repeat interaction.


If you would like to contact Bill, his email address is:

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