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Member Spotlight

 Hanna Thomas (2/22/2017) 


Hanna Thomas

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services


Areas of Practice:

I practice family law at Southeast Louisiana Legal Service Corporation.

Favorite BRBA project or event:

Law Day is my favorite event because it encourages our youth to understand our government and to become active participants in our government.

To what committees do you belong?

I am a member and current chair of the BRBA Law Day Committee.

Mentor / hero:

It is difficult to choose one. I would say that my mother is my hero for always being my biggest cheerleader and believing in my talents when I did not. My godmother is my spiritual mentor. She has shown me what true joy and God's love look like. 

The part of my job I do best is:

I am best at procedure, organization and problem-solving. I'm also very good at listening to people and providing guidance and encouragement to my clients.

What most people don't know about me:

Because of my reserved demeanor, most people do not know that I am a singer and dancer. My desire was to be a professional performer, but I decided the legal profession was my calling.

Favorite food:

I absolutely love honey buns and other pastries.

Most rewarding moment in your practice:

The moment that I was able to obtain a judgment of custody to reunite my client with her young child who had been hidden from her for several months by a close family friend is the most rewarding moment from me.

Community involvement:

I am a member and current chair of the Baton Rouge Bar Law Day Committee. I have been a judge of the High School Mock Trial Competition, and a speaker at the Summer Legal Institute for the BRBF. I also volunteered to choreograph and coordinate the youth dance team at my church.

Person I would like to have lunch with:

I would love to have lunch with our former First Lady, Michelle Obama. I truly admire her poise and intelligence. She reminds me of who I want to be and continue to strive to be.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

I would advise myself to truly experience and enjoy college life and not to take myself too seriously. I would definitely tell myself to take more risks to reach those personal and professional goals.

Favorite sport:

Gymnastics and basketball.

Suggestions for young lawyers:

To the young lawyers, I suggest that they surround themselves with positive, knowledgeable and forward-thinking professionals. They should always remain humble and true to themselves but remain open to learning new things. Treat every person you encounter with respect. Your next learning experience and blessing may come from the person you least expect.

If you would like to contact Hanna, her email address is

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