Junior Partners Academy (JPA)

The “Junior Partners Academy” has partnered with Dalton Elementary School to bring attorneys into seven classrooms of third and fourth graders and to plan field trips to local courts and the legislature. TheBRBA President Preston Castille speaks to 3rd grade students at Dalton Elementary JPA group mentoring program captures, inspires and promotes young people’s interest in the field of law.


Volunteers serve as “class” attorneys, meeting with the class on a monthly basis in order to establish a continual relationship with the students. “Visiting” attorneys provide a chance for the students to meet with additional role models and learn about different areas of the law. The program also offers an avenue for volunteer attorneys to serve as positive role models and to enhance the legal profession. 


The JPA uses lessons and activities that complement the curriculum and meet the required Louisiana Educational Content Standards and Benchmarks. The JPA program’s interactive lessons and activities enhance and reinforce the curriculum.


For more information about the BRBF Junior Partners Academy program, contact Donna Buuck  or 225-214-5556.