Tavares A. Walker

 Southern University Law Center


Best thing about being a lawyer:

As cliché as it sounds, my favorite thing about being a lawyer is helping people. It is just that simple.


I enjoy family time. Anything that involves hanging out with family is what I enjoy doing. I enjoy reading Oxford Essential Desk Reference book; it is a book of wide variety of subjects and factual information.

If I had more time, I would:

I would definitely travel the country. I love going to new places and experiencing the cultures of those places.

What is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today?

I think perception is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today. A vast majority of the public believes all attorneys are in the profession because of money, but truthfully that is not the case for most attorneys. 

Bet you didn't know:

I bet you didn't know I am the youngest of four boys, and I did not start driving until I was 21 years old.

Currently reading:

I am currently reading Louisiana National Guard Regulation 27-10, Rules for Courts Martial, and Military Rules of Evidence.

What I like most about my job:

It depends on which job! My civilian career, I am a coordinator and adjunct professor of law at SULC. In that job, I enjoy interacting with law students, and watching them grow into young professionals. The process is pretty amazing. My military career, I am a captain/defense attorney with Louisiana National Guard. I enjoy making sure everyone, even guilty parties, are treated fairly and with respect. As the motto says, we defend the rights of those that defend us.

Suggestion for young lawyers:

I suggest learning the practice of law. In law school, you learn the law, but not so much the practice. Find someone who can be a mentor and teach you the practice of law. Remember your word is your bond. Show up on time and be prepared all the time.

Favorite BRBA / BRBF project or event:

Teen Court is my favorite project. I believe that if we help one child, we have done the best job in the world. Just imagine if everyone helped one person become a better person, how much better the world would be.

Board/Committees I serve on:

Teen Court, Mock Trial and Belly Up with the Bar.

Person I would like to have lunch with:

President Barack Obama.

Latest pursuit:

Eating healthier and maintaining some level of physical fitness.

Culinary talent:

My culinary talents are pretty good. I was trained by my grandmother, my chef extraordinaire.

Favorite sayings / quote:

Go forth and do great things.

Most important career lesson:

It is not always about winning or losing, as long as you do your job, all is well.


If you would like to contact Tavares, his email address is:  twalker@sulc.edu

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