Stacy G. Butler

 Kizer, Hood & Morgan, LLP


Areas of practice:

Creditor side of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Collection cases.

If I had more time, I would:

Take more vacations with my family and leave the cell phone off. Our best vacation was in Paris, where it was very hard to communicate by email with my office. My family said I spent more time with them enjoying our vacation since I was not constantly answering messages on the phone.

What is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today:

As a female attorney, I would say it is balancing family and work. We can now access our work remotely and be contacted at any time by our clients. That provides us more flexibility to work outside the office, but also can lead to non-stop work and less family time. We need to set parameters for each and have specific times when we focus on family.

Best thing about being a lawyer:

Being able to help others and answer questions or lead people in the right direction when they have legal concerns.

Currently reading:

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie.


Vanderbilt University, B.A.; LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, J.D.


My husband is Brian T. Butler, who is the associate manager and staff counsel for Maricle & Associates, which handles cases only for the Travelers Insurance Co. We have two children:  Elisabeth, 19, who is a sophomore at The University of Chicago, and Brandon, 16, a junior at Episcopal High School.

What was the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney?

I wanted to become an attorney as far back as I can remember. My father was an attorney and although he did not use his law degree to practice law, he used it in his business and showed me how important it is to know the law and to be able to protect your interests and those of others. My father inspired me to be an attorney.

Dog or cat?

Dog lover. We have a Beagle named Scooter and if I had more time to devote to training a dog, I would definitely have more than one.

Favorite place in Baton Rouge:

DiGiulio Brothers restaurant. My husband and I have our "date night" there almost every Friday night. 

Culinary talent:

I haven't found this one yet. I have been cooking family dinners now for more years than I want to mention, but never been told that I'm the epitome of a trained chef. I do enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes on my family. Some meals though, like "Cajun Pie," were so outrageously awful they have become legendary.

Board/Committees I serve on:

I am a member of the Registry Committee of the Louisiana Law Institute and I am a member of the Bankruptcy Working Group that is headed by Bankruptcy Judge Robert Summerhays of the Lafayette Division of the Western District Bankruptcy Court.


If you would like to contact Stacy, her email address is:

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