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select9/28/2017In-House Counsel Section Meeting & CLEBaton RougeLAIHCLE1709IHCLE1709
select9/28/2017Mock Trial Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM170928CM170928
select9/29/2017YLS 19th JDC Civil Law CLEBaton RougeLAYLS170929YLS170929
select10/2/2017Teen Court HearingBaton RougeLATC171002TC171002
select10/4/2017Belly Up with the Bar Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171004 1CM171004 1
select10/4/2017Volunteer Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171004CM171004
select10/5/2017Teen Court Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171005CM171005
select10/16/2017Teen Court HearingBaton RougeLATC171016TC171016
select10/18/2017Belly Up with the Bar Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171018CM171018
select10/19/2017LRIS Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171019CM171019
select10/27/2017Belly Up with the Bar - 2017Baton RougeLABELLYUP17BELLYUP17
select11/1/2017Law Day Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171101CM171101
select11/2/2017Teen Court Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171102CM171102
select11/2/2017Volunteer Committee MeetingBaton RougeLACM171102 1CM171102 1
select11/2/2017Women's Initiative Network Negotiation Ethics & Prof CLEBaton RougeLACLE171102CLE171102
select11/6/2017Teen Court HearingBaton RougeLATC171106TC171106
select11/7/2017Workers' Compensation Section MeetingBaton RougeLAWC171107WC171107
select11/9/2017YLS Cocktails with the CourtBaton RougeLAYLS1711YLS1711
select11/27/2017Teen Court HearingBaton RougeLATC171127TC171127
select12/6/2017Volunteer Committee Meeting  CM171206CM171206